mindscape-marketing-products-company-nashik-india Services Offered


mindscape-marketing-products-company-nashik-india Design Services

H/w Design


PCB design-up to 16 layers, with through hole, SMD, BGA and mixed components


Power supply.


Analog circuit


FPGA, CPLD from Xilinx, Actel, Altera, Lattice.




8/16/32 bit DSP, 8051, AVR, PIC, ARM7, CortexM3, ARM9from various Manufacturers: Texas, NXP, Atmel, Cirrus Logic and Freescale


Wireless solutions


S/w Design


Firmware: C, C++, Assembly


PC Software: MS VC++ / .NET / Java.


Linux user space applications: QT, KDE.


Linux kernel space: device driver development







Wireless Remote (RF)



Safe Load Indicator


mindscape-marketing-products-company-nashik-india Sourcing Services


Sourcing of special PCBs like Flexi circuits, Rigid Flexi, Metal core, Metal Clad and Key Pads,


Sourcing of all electronic components, Microprocessors, Capacitors, Chip components, resistors.


Sourcing of all Power Components like IGBT, Thyristor and Transistor module.


mindscape-marketing-products-company-nashik-india Prototyping Services


PCB Layout Design - Gerber generation.


Bread Board Assembly of PCBs.


Parts Development-Rapid Prototyping


Testing of Protos thru Test Jig


Drawing generation and conversion to e-Drawing.


Design verification / validation services for products.



mindscape-marketing-products-company-nashik-india Repair Services


All type of Industrial Electronic Equipment and PCBs up to component/chip level


All faulty units are repaired under full compliance with universal standards and ESD protection


All cards are tested before they are delivered to the customer.


Each repaired unit is handed over to the customer with proper fault and repair report.


Design modification/Alternate engineering for obsolete parts


Service Tracking Software for maintain customer item and inventory.


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